Nutritional A2 Milk

Fresh Milk Everyday

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Enhances muscle functioning and boosts immunity


Helps in strengthening bones and teeth and helps build the body


Reduces blood pressure and regulates nerve signals

A2 Cow Milk

Provides wholesome nourishment and detoxifies the body

A2 Buffalo Milk

Strengthens the body and enhances mental and physical wellness

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Wellness Jars

Providing safe and fresh nourishment to your doorsteps

Our deliciously creamy A2 milk product is easier to digest & absorb than the other types of milk.


We naturally graze our cows


We treat them with love and care


We periodically check their health


We ensure they are washed and housed properly


Milk is chilled in IMCU (Instant Milk Chilling Unit)


Sealed and packed in glass  bottles


Hygienic and sanitized procedures at every step


 Delivered by 8 in the morning at your doorstep

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A2 milk is sourced by Haryana Cows & Murrah Buffaloes, whose milk contains A2 beta-casein protein, which is healthier and of a much superior quality than A1 beta-casein protein present in milk of exotic/cross breed cows. 

The high quality milk obtained is light, smooth and easily digestible, hence making it suitable for both children & adults. Considered an age-old energy drink & enriched with the purity of natural A2 protein, Gaupalam Vedic’s Milk proves to be a significant part to promote the overall wellness for you & your family.

Looking to buy A2 milk online? Look no further! Our website offers a wide range of A2 milk products, including organic A2 milk, at affordable prices. Whether you're in Noida or Agra, with just a few clicks, you can conveniently order your preferred A2 milk online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Yes, you heard it right: A2 Milk in Noida and A2 Milk in Agra! Enjoy the goodness of A2 milk online and experience its numerous health benefits. Don't miss out on our exclusive offers! Place your order now and relish the goodness of A2 milk, conveniently available online!

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880 Reviews, 48 Q&As

Gaupalam Vedic is known to provide the most wholesome nourishment in the form of A2 milk to enhance your everyday well being. We deeply care about your experiences with our products and take your reviews with utmost priority to keep delivering the best source of nutrition that is always fresh, pure and hygienic. 

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Monika singh

I have been ordering milk from Gaupalam for the past 6 months now. It tastes amazing, the delivery is on time & also the bottles are reusable which is definitely a great deal for me.

Raman Gupta

I have thyroid & this milk has certainly been helping me with that. I would prefer A2 milk over A1 for the same reason any day.

Vanshika Jain

Products are delivered always on time. The milk is always fresh in taste

Falguni Mehra

I am very conscious about the kind of milk I am giving to my child. But Gaupalam’s milk has worked the best for my child. The taste is also good which makes it easy to give it to him.

Our dairy products are natural, delicious & enriched with A2 beta - casein protein type.

They are sourced from free grazing Murrah Buffaloes & indegenous Haryana Cows nurtured in a safe and happy environment. We thus follow stringent and ethical procurement practices to deliver 100% natural, fresh & hygienic nutrition jars at your doorstep.